Boxes Opened
How it works?
Create account and earn FREE credits!
Once you’re signed in, simply press the pink “+” button in the top navigation bar to access Earn Credits page. Choose any ad provider to see list of tasks it offers you to do. Each task will earn you specific amount of credits. After you complete ad offer, credits will be added to your balance and you’re good to go!

Browse through our loot collections!
Treat yourself to our custom created box collections featuring best products from tech companies such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei etc, and hype brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Off-White, Balenciaga and much more!

Open boxes, order or exchange your items!
Order products you want to keep within the "My Items" tab on your profile. Alternatively, exchange unwanted products for credits to open more boxes!
Can I deposit money to open boxes?
No, you can not. Our on-site currency is called "credits". Each box can be opened paying with the "credits" from your balance. 1 USD is 100 credits.
Do I need to buy "credits"?
No, you don't need and you can not buy them. The only way to obtain credits is to earn them for free by completing different tasks (answering polls, downloading mobile apps, playing browser games, watching videos).
How to earn credits?
1. Go to the "Earn credits" page.
2. Select ad provider.
3. Pick one of the advertisement offers and follow the instructions to complete it.
4. Once you completed it, system will automatically add credits to your balance.

Most offers like browser games, mobile apps, polls or videos are completely free.
I have completed advertisement tasks, but have not received credits.
We can not investigate whether an offer has been completed or not.

1. Make sure you completed the offer as advertiser asked you to.
2. Many offers are crediting instantly but not each. Please, wait few hours, maybe it is just delayed.
3. If you have not received your credits, contact the provider (e.g. AdGateMedia): inform them that you have completed the offer, add a screenshot of your completed offer as a proof.
After verifying your submission, they will credit you the missing credits manually.
Can I withdraw credits to dollars?
No, you can only spend them on opening boxes and ordering shipping.
How can I use a promo code?
Enter a promo code on your profile page.
Can I use few promo codes?
No, you can only activate promo code once.
What does promo code give?
All promo codes fill your balance with 50 free credits to open up boxes.
Opening boxes
How does it work?
You can find many mystery random cases (lootcrates, lucky boxes). By opening a box you are getting one of the real-life items that are stored in it, that you can order delivery for or sell afterwards. Box price is stable and not dependant on the worth of dropped loot.
Will I surely get some drop?
We are guaranteeing that by opening box you are definitely getting one of the items in it.
Can I return not needed item and open more boxes?
Yes! After opening a box, if you got drop that you don't need, you can sell it in a dialog window or within "My items" section. Selling price depends on worth of the item, it will be shown to you after opening a box.
How to order delivery?
You can read more information about delivery and shipping processed on Delivery page.