Boxes Opened
How to order delivery of items that I won in boxes?
To order items that dropped to you:
  1. Navigate to your profile and fill out delivery form.
  2. Go to "My items".
  3. Each item has 2 buttons: «Sell» and «Add to cart».
  4. Click on «Add to cart» on all items that you want to order delivery for. After that they will be transferred to "Delivery Cart".
  5. After cart is filled out, click on «Order delivery».
How to track my parcels delivery?
Go to "My deliveries" to track changing status of your orders.
How many items can I order delivery for?
In one delivery parcel we can deliver up to 3 items, if you want to order more than 3 items, you will have to order more parcels.
Where can you ship parcels?
We are shipping worldwide to any local post service, but there might be additional costs in specific regions that would require more credits for delivery (in such cases we will contact the user).
How fast is delivery?
Parcel is sent out within 5 days from your delivery cart checkout. Orders to most countries are delivered within 30 days, but it can take up to 60 days for parcel to be delivered to your local post service in some cases.